Website Makeover Audio Program

What You’re Doing Wrong On Your Artist Website And How To Clean Up The Mess

Website Makeover


Do you wonder why people don’t stay longer on your website?

Are you at a loss as to why your site isn’t leading to more opportunities?

The answers to these questions may have less to do with your art than with the functionality of your website.


After listening to our audio program you will:

  • Be able to make fast changes for certain parts of your site, which will result in big progress
  • Understand why your site wasn’t working for you in its current state
  • Get clear on how to make your art stand out online
  • Know what NOT to do on your artist site

Just $27



MP3 audio recording, handouts, and PDF transcript

In this special 80-minute program, Web designer Pat Velte and I (I wasn’t able to hold my tongue!) share:

  • Why some artists’ sites are so ugly (we’re not holding anything back!)
  • 5 Items that must be on every page of your site
  • How to make sure your art is the star of your website
  • 6 Things we never want to see on an artist website
  • 10-point task list to clean up the mess
Bonus Gift

Everyone who purchases this receives Pat’s special report:
Working with a Website Designer: What to Look For, What to Look Out For, and How to Save $$

This report gives you a range of what you can expect to pay for a custom website,
13 questions to ask designers before hiring them, and 3 ways to save on your website.


About My Guest
Patricia J. Velte is the go-to Web ninja for Art Biz Coach.
I had the good fortune to discover Pat in the early days of my business. She’s been helping my clients and me ever since and has developed a keen eye for what makes an excellent artist website.

Pat was a graphic designer for 30 years and took up HTML coding in its infancy. She has built award-winning commercial websites, but very much enjoys helping solo-preneurs enhance their online presence.


Just $27 for the MP3 audio recording, handouts, PDF transcript, and Pat’s special report about working with a Web designer