Artist Statement Journaling E-Book

Gather The Right Words To Help You Sell Your Art


Does the thought of writing about your art strike fear in your soul?
Do you tremble at the thought of talking to someone about your art?
Do you have a new body of work that you have yet to articulate? Or do you just want to be able to do these things better than you have in the past?



Stop putting off your statement.

Clear, meaningful language can help you connect with viewers and sell your work.

I know. You’re an artist, not a writer. I’ve heard it all before.

That’s still no reason not to articulate your work so that you can connect with more people.

Your statement is an opportunity to define yourself before someone else does it for you. It is a chance to assert, with facts and with clarity, the current direction of your work.

This is a 20-day journaling journey for writing your artist statement.


When you have completed all of the exercises, you will:

1. Have a new, written artist statement.
2. Be able to better articulate your work to anyone, anywhere at the drop of a hat.
3. Feel good that, through self-discipline and devotion to bettering your career, you have a genuine sense of accomplishment.


This process is for:

  • Artists who want to articulate a body of work.
  • Artists who want to learn to journal about their artwork while making it.
  • Artists who are preparing for an upcoming presentation or gallery talk about their work.

I want to help you talk, write, and think more clearly about your work so that you can make it meaningful to gallery dealers, curators, arts writers, and collectors, as well as to people who may not know anything about art. I want it to be more meaningful to you, too.

Your statement is for a greater purpose than just words on a piece of paper. You will develop a method of putting your thoughts together in language you can use again and again. You ‘ll need the right language for the following.


What’s Included

The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement e-book includes 20 days of journaling exercises.

Week 1: Big-picture Stuff

  • Art experiences.
  • Art influences.
  • Becoming an artist.
  • Your place in the artworld.

Week 2: Your Personal Approach to Your Art

  • Inspiration.
  • Evolution of your art and how it has changed.
  • The physical aspects of artmaking: technique and medium.

Week 3: Responses to Your Art

  • What are people really saying about your work and what can you write/say to guide them to a better understanding?

Week 4: Putting it All Together

  • Weeks 1-3 are all about getting things out from deep inside you. Now comes the hard part of deciding what the critical aspects of your work are.
  • How to pick an opening sentence.
  • Why it’s important to spend time away from your writing and thoughts.
  • Numerous examples for editing your thoughts.
  • Four general rules for a good artist statement.
  • Five things to review when editing your statement.

The e-book exercises are three-weeks long in order to help you develop a rhythm and daily working habits.

The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement is for any artist who is ready to put together a better presentation—both on paper and in person. You should have a body of work that you want to articulate. You must commit to doing the exercises so that you will have a usable product at the end.

Don’t worry about your statement if you should be focused on making art. You can’t articulate something that doesn’t exist.

How e-Books Work
This e-book is an electronic document delivered in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

Once you have paid for your e-book, you will be taken to a page to download your book. You will also receive instructions in your inbox, so look for that email.

Write your statement with the help of this journaling process. You complete the exercises that evolve into your statement in your own time.


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