Procrastination Is Killing Your Art Career (How to Stop It)

Have you ever kicked yourself for not taking action on something that might have
led to a really good thing for you?

Are you telling yourself that you can focus on your art business [insert excuse of choice: when your kids are older, when you retire, when donkeys fly]?

Have you avoided trying something just because you don’t know How to do it?

All of these are forms of procrastination that I’ve witnessed 
from my students, clients, and members. 

Any of these could be holding you back from getting results.

I want to help you overcome procrastination in this 1-hour event.


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I share:

  • How you are procrastinating and might not even realize it
  • Why you are procrastinating
  • How procrastination is harming you more than you might think
  • 5 Steps to conquering procrastination and getting on with success
  • How the new Art Biz Incubator is organized to help you take action

Full Disclosure

Did you notice that last bullet point above? During the webinar I will also be introducing
you to the rich resources available in the newly revamped Art Biz Incubator, my membership program. 

I am so excited about the changes and additions that have been implemented and
feel like they should be shared in a live, visual format rather than just a page on my site.

I promise that you’ll learn something about how you approach your
art business even as I talk about the new Art Biz Incubator.

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