Go Pro Audio Program

Beginning Artists: Turn Your Hobby Into An Art Career

Beginning Artists: Go Pro


Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional artist?

By “Pro,” we don’t mean full-time, although that’s a possibility.

Go Pro is for you if you are interested in earning money from your art.


In this one-hour audio program, you will learn:

  • The ups and downs of becoming a professional artist
  • The single most important characteristic of a professional artist
  • Four things you can do until you’re ready to sell your work
  • How to know when you’re ready and why premature selling is a bad idea

56-minute audio program just $27
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Julia Kirt

About My Guest

You can’t get more first-hand experience with working artists than Julia Kirt has. When I was thinking of who could talk with me about becoming professional, Julia was the first to come to mind.

As Executive Director for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) since 1999, Julia helps more than 4,500 artists around Oklahoma create sustainable careers and outstanding artwork. I always say that artists who move to or live in Oklahoma are among the luckiest out there because they have OVAC – a statewide established organization that is of service to all visual artists.

Julia received the “Emerging Leadership Award” from the Americans for the Arts in 2008.

Julia’s photo by Rex Barrett.


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