Emerging Artist Resources

You’ve gone through all of the steps for beginning artists.

You’ve been selling and exhibiting your art a little and you’re now ready to ramp up the action.

You Are E X P A N D I N G

You know a lot! But you would benefit from planning and systematizing your art business.

You need to make sense of it all.



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Lay the Foundation for Your Art Marketing

Art Business BootcampMy 12-week, step-by-step No-Excuse Art Biz Bootcamp helps you develop to the the tools to sell more art in a way that’s authentic for you.

Too many artists want to rely on social media or other new platforms before they have the basics in place.

You have to implement the areas in this program before you can be effective. Read all about it here.

I'd Rather Be in the Studio book coverGet Out of the Studio!

I wrote I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion as a reference book.

It’s a terrific resource to have when you want steps to follow for certain tasks or creative ideas for marketing your art.

Get the details about this book we affectionately call IRBITS.

Dare to Commit to Big Growth

Being an artist is lonely. And when you get to a certain point in your art career, you realize that you need help. You can’t accomplish everything you’d like without extra brainpower.

You need the power of a group.

I created the Art Biz Incubator for artists who are open to harnessing the energy of a group. Our Artist Entrepreneurs Club serves this purpose.

Try us out for just $1!  Is it for you?