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Artists: Does trying to promote your artwork have you feeling alone, frustrated, or unmotivated? 

Start a FREE art marketing salon!


Mobile Alabama Artists

Members of the Mobile, Alabama Art Biz Connection Salon

Connections are invaluable to anyone’s career, but we’re here for more than that. Art Biz Connection art marketing salons provide a structure to help artists work together and support one another. It’s all about building artist communities where they don’t exist and strengthening them where they’re already in place.

You bring the artists. We provide the organization and motivation. 

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A salon is a social gathering of artists and intellectuals hosted at regular intervals
by a patron in his or her home. Such convivial settings for the art of conversation
emerged in Paris at the beginning of the seventeenth century.
—Robert Atkins in ArtSpoke

How? Through a nine-session program that guarantees each and every participant an actionable art marketing plan when it’s over. Better than that, you’ll have the support of your artist-friends each and every step of the way.

Ocala Florida Artists

Art Biz Connection salon in Ocala, Florida

This is for you if you’re ready to take your career to the next level and realize you would benefit from support focusing or refocusing on your art business.

All of the materials for Art Biz Connection salons are provided free of charge because I want to support artists who support one another in building their businesses.

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The 9 Sessions Of An Art Marketing Salon

1: Introduction
2: Set and Attain Goals
3: Define Your Art
4: Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
5: Describe Your Collectors
6: Assess and Improve Your Exhibition and Sales Opportunities
7: Promote Yourself and Your Work
8: Create Good Habits
9: Follow Up

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First, did you download and read through the details?

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