Blast Off Class

A big boost for your art career
Join the New Year launch! January 5-28, 2011


In this class, you will . . .

  • Decide to go for it
  • Define success for yourself
  • Commit to your vision
  • Identify and personalize strategies
  • Create good habits
  • Release what you don't love
  • Set boundaries

The Blast Off class is a terrific blend of motivation, coaching, and practical business tools you can use to take your art career to a new level.

You'll be working on the following.

  • Commit to accepting responsibility for your life
  • Capture your Vision and plan to enact it
  • Monthly financial worksheet (getting a grip on your financial situation)
  • 2010 Plan for continuing education and handling your information overload
  • Identify tasks you can hire out (or let go of)
  • Complete a challenging (but workable) plan for the entire year


Read the Blast Off class syllabus (PDF file)


how it works
Log onto your computer from the comfort of your home, office, local coffee shop, or interplanetary traveling craft.

Your time zone is irrelevant. Time of day matters not.

There are no scheduled meeting times.
Everything is posted on the private class blog.

You are welcome to participate on the blog or to travel in solitude.

Class lessons will be posted on weekdays only during the class session dates. You will receive daily (weekday) reminders to pick up your lesson.

Class lessons include PDF downloads, audio files (which are for auditory learners—all audio files will also be available as PDF files), and a little video.

You just need a computer and space to devote to your dreams.

You will get out of the class as much as you put into it.

I suggest setting aside time in the morning to do the class lessons.
Some days you may just read and other days you may have homework or journaling.

As with most classes, some lessons will speak to you more than other lessons.

You decide whether you spend 15 minutes or two hours on each lesson.
The blog will remain for two weeks following the class.


Are you open to what the universe has in store for you?
Are you ready to soar?


order now

Read the complete Blast Off class syllabus (PDF file)

additional options (available at checkout)

1. Get this class along with Cultivate Collectors and Get Organized for just $267. (All three classes must be taken consecutively as they are posted on the class schedule, e.g. you can't take one now and two next year. If you start with Blast Off, your next class will be Cultivate Collectors, and you will finish up with Get Organized.)

2. If you really want to land among the stars, pay just $127 more and get a 45-minute phone consultation with me to map out your plan. This discounted rate is available only to class participants. Consultation must take place within 1 month of the last day of class at a mutually convenient time. You will receive a little bit of homework to help me prepare for the call.

I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion3. Book + free shipping. This class is based on some of the concepts outlined in my book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. You do not need the book for the class. Everything is provided for you. However, you will be given the option to order both together and will receive free shipping on the book as a member of this class.



Read the complete Blast Off class syllabus before you enroll.

Just $97 for this New Year expedition. order now

Above options available at checkout.

Kirsty M. Hall The Blast Off course literally changed my life. Being forced to question what I wanted from my art career made me realise that I needed to heal my body or I would never have the energy I needed to succeed in the art world. Since taking the course four months ago, I’ve lost a stone [14 lbs] in weight, started dealing with my chronic insomnia and I’m gradually creating practical support systems in my life that will sustain my art and health rather than draining them.
—Kirsty M. Hall
I am so glad I took your Blast Off class last January. As I am looking back at the year, I realize how focused I have been on my artwork because of your class. Doing the weekly and monthly reviews kept me in line. It has helped me achieve some of my goals. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs some direction on their artist journey.
—Lisa Flowers Ross
Lisa Flowers Ross

I provide an inspiring environment and friends
to support you with your vision.

You bring the
enthusiasm and awesome attitude.

Oh, yes, and don’t forget commitment.
You must be committed to the journey.

If you are committed to your lessons, I guarantee results with a money-back offer. But you have to do the work in order to qualify for the guarantee.