About Alyson

What Artists Need To Know About Me Before We Work Together

Alyson B. Stanfield | Art Biz CoachI believe in artists who make me think.

I believe in artists who bring more beauty to the world—through their art and their actions.

I believe in artists who rock the status quo.

I believe in artists who believe in themselves.

I believe in artists who support other artists.

I believe in artists who want to learn more about art, art history, and business.

I believe in artists who accept 100% responsibility for their actions.

I believe in artists who collaborate.

I believe in artists who are open to new ideas.

I believe in artists who are in dialogue with the world around them.

Work with me.

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My Experience Contributes To What I Do Now

Assistant to U.S. Senator
2 years. One’s success depends on building and maintaining relationships.

Museum Curator
4 years. Artists within the community are vital to the health of an art museum.

Museum Educator
6 years. Most people aren’t privy to a visual education.
It’s our job to teach them how to look at and appreciate art.

Art Collector
20 years. I buy art from artists I meet and like.
You really should meet more people and be nice to them.

Art History Grad Student, University of Texas at Austin
3 years + continuing ed. Art history is a history of individuals, not of companies. Get your name out there.

Art Stats

Favorite museum building: Milwaukee Art Museum. Santiago Calatrava is a genius!

Thesis subject: Milton Avery and Naive Primitivism in the U.S. in the 1930s and 1940s

Favorite sculptor from history: Constantin Brancusi. No contest.

Favorite painting from history: Matisse’s Harmony in Red

Favorite art-related fiction: The Swan Thieves and Spending

Favorite art-related non-fiction: Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X,
, and The Girl With the Gallery: Edith Gregor Halpert And the Making of the Modern Art Market

I recommend: The film How to Draw a Bunny
There are lots of great films about art and artists, but if I had to pick just one,
this is the one would be it. It’s about artist Ray Johnson.

I almost: Became a Medievalist because my art-history professors in that area were so good